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Estrarra, a planet, is where the history of the Created Worlds began. It is associated with Earth in a special way. There was a similar evolution and Esvarra's telepathists have an unidirectional mental connection to Earth's inhabitants. This connection isn't completelly investigated, but it had a great impact on the civilizations of Esvarra.
The haynas are main intelligent species of the planet. By their phisiology they are more primitive than humans and more closer to baboons, than the anthropoids. Haynas have (like the most mammals of Esvarra) empathy and telepathy, specific "nonclosed" brain. This biological feature allows them to create a mental connection with their own kind or with other animals, and so they have collective intelligence (not the mind, the mind of each one is individual). Haynas create conditions and because of them all mammals-empaths have access to a shared intellectual resource and become reasonable. This mechanism appeared unconsciously, like a side effect of the evolution of species. Except for associations of mammals there on Esvarra live semi-reasonable carnivorous dinosaurs - raptors.

Haynas don't have countries (countries in our understanding). They can have so-called Aroses. Aros is a union of 200-600 adult individuals that occupy large areas. Aroses can be combined into pseudo-countries - changeable, unstable associations. They became necessary only in the time of the scientific and technological progress.
The largest and most significant association was Alliance. Late Alliance is considered as classical civilization of haynas.

By peculiar conditions of the evolution haynas became altruistic race. One hayn can feel him/herself good only when others feel themselves too. They don't have natural enemies. They are unpretentious. Haynas don't use money or something like this. Haynas have only two motivations: they can intervene when someone is suffering or can use an excess of intellectual resource for creative tasks, including science.

Haynas are the makers of the Created Worlds. This conception is a secondary reality that exists on the basis of quantum-organic machines that called Portalers. There are lots of worlds but the first and main - Luarill (First-world, Cradle, "training ground" for the future demiurges).

The civilisation of haynas was destroyed in a result of the experiment of a planetary scale. They tried to unite the whole entire biosphere into one "network", where every being (not just empaths-mammals) can have an individual mind and consciousness, complete itself's mind through external, global intellectual resources. The experiment was a disaster. Magnetic field perturbations that were caused by instability of mental fields made empaths blind and deaf. Most of empathic abilities were lost during the first few hours after launch. Haynas lost one of their sensory organs and this meant that they'll die.
Who survived in the chaos of first two years, united to improve the technology of virtual reality, and went to Created Worlds.
After almost five centuries haynas returned to Esvarra by technology of Portalers. And they weren't those haynas that left this world long ago. They were artahs.
Artahs were significantly different from their predecessors. They were new species. But they are heirs of main ideas of ancient civilization. Artahs successfully completed the project, that destroyed cilivisation of haynas.
You won't see any unintelligent life forms on Esvarra now. By empathic powers of artahs and their quantum computers, that generates additional mental fields, even most primitive beings have an individual mind.
Created Worlds live and evolve: virtual reality was not just a temporary measure, to be saved in an emergency, but it also made possible to expand Oyqumena
Many thanks to :iconcamarolp: for the translationand the opportunity to talk about my worlds of English-speaking readers.
This log reveals a series of articles about Created Worlds and Esvarra.

If you are interested in this world, you can learn more about the traditions and culture of hayns:
Hayns: attitude to death and to war
Attitude to death.

Hayns have very complex and ambivalent attitude to death. Unlike humans, hayns do not regard death as a mystery- every single hayns knows for sure what a living creature feels when dying. Despite all the advantages, empathy and telepathy have a downside as well- other's sufferings feel like their own, inability to divide anyone into "outsiders" or "their own" groups. It is easy to kill one of their kind by turning him into a rival in their mind, which is a salvatory for the psyche, but completely impossible for an empath action. This conflict is a foundation of hayns' belief system. Their whole culture is a search for a co
Hayns: priest institute
Usually the most sensitive, black hayns become priests. They find it difficult to kill, in a way it's even mor difficult for them to kill that to their tribesman, however empathy won't allow them to walk by somebody's sufferings. That kind of priest was the famous Hotis. All later cultures tied to be like him. Sometimes those who have predatory tendencies, who still show a will to kill despite the emotional paint become priests too. (Harro was like that). Those whose fur is lighter than average are usually not allowed to become priests, though among them are more 'predators'. Priests are those who have right to kill and do that often and publ
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AvanteDragon Featured By Owner May 23, 2015
I am really interested in this, but I do have a question. Why, in the beginning, is the world called Estrarra, and then later referred to as Esvarra?
SvalaW Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
This is really interesting. Especially the collective intelligence, and the thing that 'One hayn can feel him/herself good only when others feel themselves too.' I'll have to read your other stories to find out more about it!
hontor Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
Thanks a lot!
Now arranges translation written articles. This article is just an introduction. I tried to identify the most important. Much more interesting, as it is influenced by the collective intelligence of the culture and history. The relationship with other species. This will be necessarily written.
Something has already been available in this folder (the materials in order). [link]
EphyLiami Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
'And they weren't those haynas that leaved this world long ago' исправьте leaved на left. А так, все в порядке. :)
hontor Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
Поправил)) спасибо.
Теперь в целом текст удобоварим?
EphyLiami Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Да :)
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